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TGIF! Says Odette

8 Jan


This week, we pry into the life of a young & creative crafter who supplies us with the super cute lunchnotes that we love! These pretty little notes will brighten anyone’s day. Enjoi!

A short introduction…

I am Odette, and I am originally from the Philippines. I moved here in  Dublin, Ireland in 2008 to join my Dutch husband, and we are very happy to call it here our “home” as well. Prior to my move, I have worked in a bank for a few years, and now I am a happy missus working from home. For a few hours each week, I also work as a volunteer for a charity which helps the elderly here in Dublin. The rest of my week is devoted to being a full-time wife and crafter.

And this is my studio!

One favourite item that you sell!

My favorite in my shop would be my P.S. I love you lunch cards. It started as a special note that I give to my husband everyday, tucked on his lunchbox. I know how much he liked receiving those notes, and thus the start of my selling them on my shop as well. I am also especially thrilled that the most I have ever sold of these cards were sent along with care packages for American soldiers and their families. I’ve received lots of good reviews in the mail from my friends and customers who bought them for their husbands/partners, and it feels so good knowing they’re making other people happy!

Tell us about your day! Generally…

My day starts very early. I am up by half-six to make my husband’s breakfast and lunchbox. He leaves at half-seven, and then I make a cup of tea for myself and sit in front of the computer. Around this time I do my shop administration, checking mails, updating my blog and catching up on my blog reads. When I’m feeling inspired I make new designs for new products, and doodle for some future projects. When I am procrastinating on doing an important project, i would waste half of my day on the internet. Then I’d panic and cram the rest of my schedule in the afternoon – sewing or for packing and posting shop orders. My day ends when my husband arrives from work and i have to resume my wifely duties. The next day, the cycle starts all over again. 🙂

When & how did you first start?

I’ve always been crafting since i was very young. I’ve made my own cards since grade school, sold handmade brooches in highschool and did sew dresses for my dolls as well. As much as i like creating, i also love the enterprise side of it. Every sale is as thrilling as finishing a handmade project, knowing that there’s actually someone who likes what i have made! So as I was preparing for my move to Ireland, I quit my day job and started selling my handmade cards through my blog to while the time away. It wasn’t until I was already living here in Dublin for almost a year when I summoned enough courage to open my online store.

What keeps you going?

I love what I do and that keeps me going. It’s a very basic need for me to let my hands work what my heart tells them. And of course, good reviews from my buyers. It reaffirms that i must be doing something good.

What inspires you?

I love pastel colors, birds, textures, brown paper and strings, beautiful sunsets, linen and yarns and old photographs. I am always inspired by the materials that I use. I am also inspired by the talent of so many artists around, who unselfishly share their love for their craft.

If you could have one wish, it would be …

world peace. 🙂
I know, I know. Everybody’s saying that already, but who doesn’t want a safe place for their children to live in?

What, do you think, sets you apart from the rest?

I think handmades are set apart from the rest. A handmade crafter puts his heart even in the smallest detail of every item he makes. Every crafter is unique and special in his own way. Every handmade is lovingly crafted by hands and special thoughts are always sent along with every item sold. I am just one of the many crafters around the world, and i am deeply pleased to be counted so.

Picture 1

Of all of Odette’s lovely lunchnotes (as we like to call ’em), I love this quote best! Sometimes, I think, people need to be reminded of what they’re capable of  :>

Picture 2

The above are the newer designs of her lunchnotes.

To view the entire ‘collection’, click here!

That’s it for this week and TGIF!

(Yes, we haven’t gotten back into the whole going-back-to-school thing either! Le sigh.


Here’s to the New Year

2 Jan

First, deepest apologies for the hiatus! I fell ill on Christmas Eve, spent half of Christmas in bed, and the other half unfortunately killing trees with the insane amount of tissues I had to use. Nevertheless, I hope everyone’s had a better Christmas than I did!

It’s crazy how fast ’09 flew by. Infinite’s gone through quite a bit. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve had so much fun. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year (on our pockets, specifically) :>

Infinite was born, over a nice long talk at East Coast Beach in Jan. We were crazy excited about it at that point, and couldn’t wait to start. Little did we know it wouldn’t be half as easy as we thought it would be!

From then to March, I did up a business proposal to convince my Mom to pump in some cash (which she did and which I will be eternally grateful for hahaha), as we sourced for snazzy, creative people to join our ‘family’. I honestly, truly loved this part and the more amazing, like-minded people I found, the happier we got.

In April, we launched our very first items in Livejournal, just in time for Easter (we brought in only 5 cards (thank goodness) – sold 2 to a friend). Since then, we’ve got around 200 people in our mailing list.

Things started to die down and we were getting increasingly more frustrated and stressed out. In August some people approached us to place our items in their shop, and without thinking twice about it (which I should have), I hopped on the bandwagon without my partner’s and/or Mom’s support. They were right, it did very badly, as I should have expected.

Thankfully though, we found a more appropriate place, which, this time, everyone was pretty much confident about, and we set up shop at Haji Lane in late August. Read about it here.

We also started this blog in late August.

Featured in the Business Times in Septemberhere, which we were extremely stoked about, and started sourcing for beautiful Christmas themed items in October, which has kept us very very busy till December!

In November, we were busy designing the free Christmas Packs for all our supportive customers (and non-customers), and we sent all the packs out early December!

It was pretty insane!

When we came back from Bali, we received something very special and something that warmed our hearts in the mail

A handmade card thanking us for the Christmas Packs we sent out!! Crazy sweet. It made ALL the stress worth it! Thanks so much Charmaine  :>

As Christmas drew closer, we decided that Infinite should take a backseat since we’ve been working so hard on it, and concentrate more on family and friends, as Christmas should be celebrated. We hustled and bustled and got all the food ordered and prepared for our clique, and had a pretty good time munching on ham & turkey whilst watching the OC.

And got ready cards for our best friends  :>  (which, I am ashamed to say, we haven’t given out yet!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Too busy on the 23rd (when we had the party with our clique) + 26th (when I was too sick)  :<  BUT, will do it asap! Argh)

This very special card that was specially made for us by our dear friend Molly Lee (we also did an interview with her – read it here!). It’s no secret how much we love her and her items and this card is no different! We got SUCH a rush seeing that they arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much Molly!!

Another ‘3 reasons’ card by Molly

Just one of the many I wrote. Will update again with more photos!!!

And with that, ends Infinite’s very first year and Christmas. Now it’s time to start prepping for Valentine’s Day and we can’t wait for that.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who’s been crazy supportive and we’d like you guys to know that we really appreciate the kind comments and encouragement!

Happy (belated) Christmas & New Year ! We hope 2010 proves to be a better year for all  :>

Much love, Infinite

TGIF! Says Kirk

18 Dec


It’s no secret I love letterpressed items. The texture, the process, it all appeals to me. This husband-wife duo makes the most amazing letterpressed items. I especially like their cards. The colours and the illustrations and again, the texture, are crazy beautiful.

They use soy based inks onto 100% recycled, 30% PCW white cardstock & a 30% PCW recycled colour envelope (colours vary). These are cranked one at a time, one colour at a time, by hand, on a vintage Vandercook letterpress, which gives each card texture and impression that you can both see and feel.

I’ll do a short write-up on the process of letterpress soon. Till then…..

A short introduction…

I’m Kirk Jorgensen.  My wife Eva and I run a letterpress/design print shop in Heber City, Utah.  I’m a huge fan or riding bikes and playing/watching soccer.

One favourite item that you sell!

I really like our Holiday cards.

(ILI’s note: So do we!)

Tell us about your day! Generally…

When we get to the studio we usually grab some breakfast and read the news/blogs while we eat.  After that, I’ll print and pull the orders and get them ready to ship.  I’ll check the printing calendar and see what needs to be printed that day.  After printing, I’ll process all of the shipments and drop them off at the Post Office.  If there is any time left, I’ll work on one of the endless things on my “to do” list.

When & how did you first start?

Sycamore Street Press started while I was in graduate school in Columbus, Ohio.  Eva has an MFA in printmaking and we decided to invest in a letterpress as a practical application for her degree.

What keeps you going?

It’s really great working together with Eva. We both have our own strengths and weaknesses, but we are able to compliment each other.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by simple drawings, Scandinavian design, and punk rock bands like the Ramones.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

Hmm..We’ve been lucky enough to be featured on the TV show Good Morning America.

5 things you could never do without:

1. Eva
2. My bike.
3. Music
4. Family
5. Friends

What, in your opinion, sets you apart from the rest?

We’re a small operation and pay attention to quality.  We also stive to be as “green” as possible.

Picture 1

I love this ’cause it’s so simple with the beautiful colours and so appropriate for Christmas at the same time! This is one of my favourite Christmas cards that we carry in the store  🙂

Perfect for that special friend who’s always been there for you.

Picture 2

All items are available @ TheBlogshop, Haji Lane

These will also be made available online from next year

That’s it for this week and TGIF!

Countdown to Christmas: 7 days

If you haven’t gotten your Christmas shopping done, do it soon!

And remember to have fun in the process  🙂

Christmas Promotion!

17 Dec

Buy 3 cards and get 1 card for free!

(Free item must be of equivalent or lesser value)

I’ve gotten some real special ones for the people who’ve really been a rock to me this year. Will upload photos soon!

A week more to Christmas!!


TGIF! Says Hayley

11 Dec


Greetings from Bali! Jing and I are now sweating it (and they say it’s the raining season now in Bali!) in a small little Cafe making use of their free wifi and trying to get this up!

This week we’ll be featuring a super sweet lady, who uses eco-friendly products in the items that she sells! The paper she uses for her cards are recycled paper + elephant poo! How cute is that now…..


A short introduction…

My name is Hayley, I’m 22 and live in Kettering in England. When I’m not creating greeting cards, I like to play with my three crazy cats, watch movies with my family and boyfriend, dinner with friends, browse blogs and online shops. When I’m not making greeting cards, I’m thinking about making greeting cards!  When I’m not thinking about making greeting cards, I’m talking about greeting cards!

(ILI’s note: I can totally relate to this………….)

One favourite item that you sell!

I love the Love Birds design. It’s one of my favourite designs because it’s so simple and understated. I’ve had purchases for Love Bird Wedding Invitations in the past, so it’s a design that means a lot to me as customers have purchased it for their wedding.

I also love the Birthday Elephant cards. Elephants are one of my favourite animals and because the cardstock I use is ‘Ellie Poo’ (cardstock made from recycled card and elephant dung) the design fits perfectly! Elephants are so sweet!

Tell us about your day! Generally…

Most mornings I get woken up by my cats… they like to chase each other over my bed! Once I’m up, I check my emails, blogs and twitter to see what exciting things have happened while I’ve been asleep! I’ll then pack any cards that have sold overnight, make cards up that I have a low stock of, and then make any new designs I have thought up.  Throughout the day I take breaks for tea-drinking, snack-eating, cat-stroking and when the postman visits with goodies (hopefully!). In the afternoon, I’ll pack up any cards that have sold during the day, and pop over to the post box with parcels and packages! If I have time, which is not often, I’ll try for a bit of exercise too. In the evening I usually spend time working on the computer. I end the day with a hot-chocolate and bed… Ready to start again tomorrow!

How and when did you first start?

I started making cards when I was in school. I had an obsession with the greeting card industry and would spend my weekends going to trade fairs, product launches and events. I had a great time and was inspired to create my own cards after meeting such amazing companies. When it came time for exams, I had to concentrate on my studies and it wasn’t until this year when I decided I wanted to begin again creating a range of cards.

What keeps you going?

I love making cards and coming up with new ideas. If I’m not making cards, I’m planning what to make next. I get such a thrill from hearing comments from customers about my cards. Since starting my card range, I’ve had lots of fun creating and have had such lovely comments from customers and new crafty friends.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

So many exciting things have happened it’s hard to choose! I have attended my first fair as an exhibitor which was great. It was the Made By Artisans fair in the UK (, full of lovely talented people and it was really fun to spend the day surrounded by wonderful products. It was the first time I’d presented my products in an offline-environment, so meeting customers face to face was exciting! Since starting my little business, I’ve made a great friend, Louise of Wall Envy Art (, who is a Kettering-based artist also. She makes beautiful wall art from reclaimed books and wooden frames. It’s really exciting to have another artist to bounce ideas off and discuss all things arty and handmade! We’re planning to start some joint projects soon, so more exciting things!

5 things you could never do without:

1. My family, my boyfriend and my cats, without a doubt!

2. I also couldn’t live without my phone… my boyfriend bought it for me to help me manage my shop while I’m away from my workspace. I love to be able to get my emails and check on my shops while I’m out.

3.  Cups of tea! I’m stereotypically English when it comes to my tea and I have to drink it all day. Luckily my Mum is the same, so we drink tea all day together!

4. My music player… I love to listen to my music while making cards, I think I work better that way.

5. My Terminator/Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Figure. My boyfriend bought it for me as a joke birthday present, but I put him on my desk where I work and I seem to have had the best of luck since, so I think he’s my good luck charm.

Picture 1

Definitely the love birds as well!


This! The details are amazing and, needless to say – I love Christmas!

The paper, as Hayley has mentioned, is recycled from paper & elephant poo but its texture is AMAZING.

Picture 2

All of Hayley’s cards are now available at Haji Lane!

Thanks it for this week!

It’s amazing here in Bali, we’d be enjoying ourselves, we hope you do too!


Santas at Work

8 Dec

Preparing the Christmas Packs took so much more than we expected. But it was super fun  🙂

1.) Got my really messy, semi-unpacked room ready

2.) Prepared my little helpers’ Santa hats (which they promptly refused to wear)

3.) There were A TON to cut! CRAZY amount. We almost passed out. This took about 10 hours. Hardly exaggerating!!!!

4.) And writing of address labels (and little notes on our cards to you guys)

5.) Then my favvvv little helper came to help

6.) Everything’s (almost) cut!

7.) Later everything was put into sets (as per requested) and the stack grew higher.. And higher……. And higher

8.) Later everything was put into their individual glassine lined pink bags, tied with bakers’ twine & then put into envelopes, ready to be sent!


Our website for Christmas items is up!

Please note that the prices shown on the main page ARE NOT CORRECT. Do click on the items individually to get the actual prices of the items (we’re working hard to fix this!!)

You can send your orders in via email ( in this format:


Email Address:

Item Code of Item(s) (please be specific with colours! – if applicable):

Have a awesome day!

TGIF! Says Milly

4 Dec


I’ve always known I’ve loved paper goods – their texture, their message – everything basically. But I never knew a thing about methods of printing till we started this venture. One of these methods, would be gocco-printing. It’s CRAZY amazing!

I would loveee a gocco machine by the way, in case any one feels extra giving this Christmas !!!!   😉

Gocco-printing, coupled with moleskin books and vintage/retro illustrations and silhouettes, makes for a few of my very favourite items we carry in the store  🙂  Enjoi!

A short introduction…

My name is Milly and I’m from the US, Bronx, New York, to be exact. I work professionally as a camera assistant on film and television

One favourite item that you sell!

My favorite item would be the golden girl pocket moleskines with the red cover.

When and how did you first start?

The idea of starting my own business was something I found myself coming back to time and again, but there was the issue of what exactly my business would be. I have always been involved in one form or another of art and craft, and have had quite a healthy obsession with paper goods for as long as I can remember. I discovered Etsy about two years ago, and then very quickly discovered the Gocco. Those were the last two pieces of the puzzle: I found a way to create things I enjoy and share them with others and at a low (financial) risk.

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from so many different places, so just to put it simply: by observing the world around me.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

So many exciting things have happened since I started my shop. It’s hard to say which is most exciting! My first sale was pretty exciting. Actually, every sale I make is a pretty exciting thing for me 🙂

5 things you could never live without:




My dog


If you could have one wish, what would it be?

To some day make a sustainable living doing what I love, creating or designing things or making art, or whatever it is that makes me happy – to be able to do that and successfully earn a living – that would be my wish.

Picture 1

I love moleskins. I love the texture of the paper, I love knowing there’s one in my bag. And this one, with it’s intricate lace pattern gocco-printed onto a ruby red moleskin – it honestly doesn’t get any better than this

(Also available in black)

These moleskins measure larger than the usual ones, at 5″ by 8.25″. There are 80 ruled or blank pages (you can choose!), with the last 16 sheets detachable. Also features an inner pocket for your little scraps of paper

Retail: $27.00

And! In light of Christmas, I’ve chosen a Christmas Card / Gift Tag set as well! Truth be told, I prefer Santa’s reindeers to Santa himself! And these deer illustrations are just too cute. But what I love most is the textured (and handmade, if I may add!) envelopes the card comes in. It is AMAZING.

The folded cards are blank inside and are printed on a classic linen-finish 80lb. coverstock. The matching tags come with bakers’ twine.

Card + Envelope: $6.90

Tag: $1.50

Card (+ Envelope) + Tag Set: $7.50

Picture 2

Golden Girl Screenprinted Moleskin in Black: $14.00

Golden Girl Screenprinted Moleskin in Navy Blue: $14.00

Bonjour & Hello Postcards: $2.90

Thank You Notecard: $3.90

Stitched Girl Thank You on Kraft: $5.90

Lab Partners Retro Card: $6.90

Retro Mama Card: $6.90

Library Card: $4.90

Ice Cream Gocco: $4.90

Nun Birthday: $4.90

Golden Girl Card: $4.90

Thank You Screenprinted Cards (pink, lime, orange): $4.90


It’s gonna be a busy Friday for us! We’ll be putting the packs together today and will be sending them on their way  🙂  We hope you like ’em!