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DIY Project (Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows)

28 Jan

This is almost a month late, but better late than never! Have been busy trying to catch up with schoolwork and enjoying the holidays, but I’d really like to share this.

Every year for Christmas, I make gifts for my closest group of friends. Unfortunately, the finished product in my head always outweighs the actual thing, which is incredibly sad, I know! But my friends, being friends, always smile and pretend to like my gifts. I occasionally see these gifts on their desks / in their homes still (and feel compelled to throw them away).

In the last couple of years, my friends have been the unwilling recipients of homemade candles, mini photo albums, and a variety of other ‘great ideas’ that I feel too ashamed to share. This year though, I spent HOURS trolling through blogs of people who really inspire me, and finally found a project that’s do-able, practical, and so very pretty!

Hot chocolate gift idea by Danni from oh, hello friend

Picture credit: oh, hello friend

Click on picture to see how she does it! 10000x better than the ones I did (kinda goes without saying ….)

I was incredibly excited for this one, but as simple as this project was, I still met with ‘obstacles’ I really didn’t appreciate! Especially during the already-stressful time of Christmas. The marshmallows (of which I purchased 4 packs(!!!)) didn’t fit nicely into the bags, I couldn’t find the gorgeous heart-shaped cutters (?) that Danni used in hers, which I really liked. Plus the amount of chocolate powder I got wasn’t adequate so I had to make another trip.

Nevertheless! This is how I did it. Started out with the following items, a lot of which I didn’t use eventually, or I had replaced with something else.

Things I Used:

+ Cadbury Hot Chocolate Mix (which you can find in most supermarkets like NTUC & Cold Storage. I got mine from Cold Storage @ Parkway Parade. I got 3 bags (of 15 packets each))

+ Small glass bottles from Ikea

+ My stash of ribbons from Art Friend and other various stores. Eventually, I stuck with twine string (much easier and secure than the ribbons. You’ll see why later!)

+ Designed labels, which I also uploaded onto Infinite’s Twitter Page, to stick onto the glass bottles of chocolate powder & for the marshmallows as well

+ Marshmallows

I changed the type of marshmallows I used because the ones I got originally were too big and looked funny in the bags. I tried cutting ’em into smaller pieces but they stick together a lot. Thankfully, I came across these brightly coloured marshmallows in the shape of flowers. Taste-wise, not too bad either!




+ I used about 3 small packs of chocolate powder per glass bottle

+ Designed the following for this project –

Hot Chocolate sticker for the glass bottles

Labels for the packet of marshmallows

‘Comfort Food’ labels to tied around the neck of the glass bottles. Wanted to use the pretty ribbons initially, but because the ‘neck’ of the bottles are so short, the ribbons couldn’t be tied as securely to the bottles as I would have liked. I stuck with my trusty twine string instead!

+ Put the set, together with a card (which I almost forgot – dear me) into doggie bags that I also use during fleas! I love these.

+ Held the bag tight with Christmas seals

+ ‘To’ labels, which I also designed for this

Finished Product:

My very first almost-there ‘how-to’ post. Hope y’all liked it! It was really fun giving these away too. Let me know what you guys think! :>

Some of my friends, during our Christmas sleepover, had this whilst watching the Human Centipede. Yes, on Christmas. Yes, I have really weird friends. But it was really cosy nonetheless (:


In other news!

Almost 2 weeks to Valentine’s Day! Finally updated the website with all the Valentine’s items we have for sale –

Valentine’s Day cards

Mini Lovenotes

and the ever-popular Sweet (& Naughty) Lunchnotes!

Birthday cards are also up and will try to upload the rest of the items asap. If you’re looking for something and it’s not in the website, drop me an email @!

Have an awesome day ahead! It’s Friday!


Dear Santa

16 Dec

Send a card to Santa this year and immerse yourself fully in the spirit this holiday season brings.

Singpost (Singapore) is offering festive postage rates for season’s greeting cards posted between 4th to the 25th of December to help spread the festive cheer :>


A card will cost $0.55 to mail to ANYWHERE in the world!


Fine Print:

+ Up to 40 grams

+ Card-sized


Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,

FI-96930 NAPAPIIRI, Finland


I’ve found beautiful and festive mailing labels designed by talented (and generous!) people from all over that you can download, print, and stick onto your parcels (:

Similar to the ones I use on our packages out to you –


Click on the ones you enjoy to be directed to the website for download (:

Click to be directed to ohhellofriend’s website for download


Click to be directed to ohhellofriend’s website for download


Click to be directed to creaturecomfortsblog’s website for download


Mailing labels by Amy via creaturecomfort’s blog. Click to be directed to website for download


I’ve been wanting to do free printables as well but haven’t found the time. Maybe for Valentine’s Day? Anyhow, hope you’ve found this useful! Have an awesome day ahead (:



+ Sketch vectors by Spoon Graphics

+ Send a card to Santa information by Singpost

+ Free printables as credited above

Postage Information

10 Dec

It’s time to prepare to send your cards out to your friends & family! Some information I’ve gathered to make that process a little easier :>


Normal Mail

For small packages (letters, postcards etc.)

Deliver it before 5pm and your recipient should receive it by the next working day.

Additional $2.24 for Registered Postage (highly recommended)

Track your item here



Send by 7p.m. Receive by 11a.m*

Information about AM Mail: Customers enjoy greater convenience of posting their mail in prepaid A.M. Mail envelopes at any of SingPost’s posting boxes during the regular mail collection hours and have the mail sent to the recipients no later than 11a.m. the next working day.

A.M. Mail Prepaid Envelope Rate
A.M. Mail prepaid envelopes are now available at all Post Offices.

Prepaid envelope rate for:
– Letterbox Delivery: $2.60 (Inclusive of 7% GST)
– Doorstep Delivery: $3.90 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

* Mail will be delivered by 11 am the next business day if sending:

  • Within CBD – Mon to Thur by 7 pm, Fri by 8 pm
  • Outside CBD – Mon to Thur by 5 pm, Fri by 6 pm

    Postage Rate Calculator


    Speedpost EMS

    Estimated delivery within 1-4 working days to major cities of the world

    Additional Features:

    x Compensation of up to $150 per package

    x Insure your items for an additional $20 or 3% of the declared value, whichever is higher



    Expected Delivery Date Calculator


    Air Parcel

    Estimated delivery within 6 – 14 working days to major cities of the world

    Additional Information:

    x Simply drop off the parcel at any post office

    x Door-to-door collection also available upon request

    x Proof of delivery available upon request

    x Minimum compensation of $90 per parcel included

    x Insure your parcel for an additional $20 or 3% of the declared value, whichever is higher




    PLEASE NOTE: Working days include Mondays – Fridays, excluding Public Holidays


    Singpost has the following checklist (and tips) to ensure your  greeting card (&/or gifts) get to your intended recipient safe and on time –

    □ Ensure recipient’s address is written clearly, correctly, and completely (ensure also the correct 6-digit postal code for local addresses)

    □ Indicate a return address on the back of the envelope, preferably on the flap

    □ Affix your stamp(s) on the top right-hand corner of the envelope and ensure the correct postage

    □ Use good quality packing materials

    □ If applicable, cushion contents appropriately, for example with bubble wrap or foam to avoid damage during shipping


    We hope this helps and email us if your require any additional help! :>

    More information can be found at

    Credits (vectors) go to

    Christmas !

    27 Nov

    Yes, it’s the time of the year again, and while (almost) everyone is complaining about the crazy spamming of Christmas songs in stores, I’ve gotta admit – I’m loving it!

    Our Christmas items are up on the website (click) and we’ve got tons of promotions to get you hyped up during this glorious holiday season.

    Besides our Grand Giveaway (post below), we’ve also got other stuff as well – check out our promotion tab for more details (click)! Yes, we are giving away our Christmas Packs this year as well! Just spend $10 to qualify and it’s capped at our first 100 customers.

    Have an awesome day ahead and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our giveaway will go well! We heartily accept any comments you guys may have – what other stuff you’d like us to bring in for Christmas (next year of course), details and suggestions for our promotion(s) etc. Keep it coming!

    Infinite’s Christmas Giveaway 2010

    27 Nov

    This idea came to us over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. The idea was to have a fun and easy way to win an awesome prize, while at the same time spreading the word about Infinite. Hopefully, this goes well so it becomes a yearly tradition!

    Christmas Giveaway Gameplay

    1. Purchase something for your friends / family (or yourself!) from Infinite’s online shop here

    2. Be a fan on Facebook here

    3. Upload a photo of item(s) you have purchased on our Facebook Wall

    4. Get your friends to Like your photo!

    Most likes wins you the iPod Touch :>

    For more likes,

    x Follows us on Twitter here (2 likes)

    x RT our contest details here (2 likes)

    x Blog about our online store / contest details (10 likes)

    Contest Details

    Contest Opens : Now!

    Contest Ends: 25th December, 2359

    Winner will be notified via FB by the 27th of December, and item will be couriered over before the New year!

    Terms & Conditions

    x One single purchase will qualify you for the contest

    x Contest only open to people residing in Singapore

    x Winner will be selected based on the most number of ‘Likes’

    Prize Details

    1. iPod Touch

    + 3rd Generation

    + 8gb

    + Brand new in box

    2. 10% off ALL subsequent purchases for 365 days

    + Does not apply to items already discounted

    3. $30 store voucher

    + For a friend of your choice

    + Storewide

    + Redeemable within 365 days

    Lots of luck & luv!

    It’s Been Long…

    25 Nov

    … Since I’ve updated this space, or any other space of ours actually. My apologies. Unfortunately, loads of things have happened between last Christmas and this one. However, it’s Christmas! And Christmas is our favourite holiday. Couldn’t miss it for the world!

    Despite being MIA for almost, gasp, ten months, we’ve been receiving emails still on our products and such. Again, we’d really like to apologise as Infinite had to take a back seat while I sorted out family issues. Thankfully, things are much better now and I’m so excited to resume what I love doing best!

    Like last year, we’ve tons of exciting stuff lined up. Right now, we’re rushing to complete the website (we’ve chosen a new server this time, whew!) which should be done in about 24 hours! We’ve also got really awesome promotions too.

    Bear with us a little while longer, while we try to get everything set up. Can’t wait for Christmas and here’s to thanking you for staying with us through thick & thin! :>



    3 Feb

    We’ve been pretty out of it – we know and we apologise! Think we’re still pretty tired out from the Christmas rush. Plus! Infinite has to take the back seat for a little bit while I settle (and hopefully do well) for my studies! Argh, yes, unfortunately.

    Nevertheless! Have consolidated all the items we have for Valentine’s Day and because our web designer’s pretty busy, we’ve used Livejournal to showcase them instead.

    (Click on picture to view)

    Also, we advertised in Chic’s fleamarket magazine thing-a-ma-jig!

    How cute is that?!

    So pretty please DO tell your friends about us!  :>

    We can’t wait to do another massive giveaway (like the one we did for Christmas) and we’re very welcome to ideas!! We’d definitely do it (if it’s something within reason (and budget……))

    We hope you like the array of items we have for you for Valentine’s Day!

    XOX, Nic & Jing