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10 Dec

It’s time to prepare to send your cards out to your friends & family! Some information I’ve gathered to make that process a little easier :>


Normal Mail

For small packages (letters, postcards etc.)

Deliver it before 5pm and your recipient should receive it by the next working day.

Additional $2.24 for Registered Postage (highly recommended)

Track your item here



Send by 7p.m. Receive by 11a.m*

Information about AM Mail: Customers enjoy greater convenience of posting their mail in prepaid A.M. Mail envelopes at any of SingPost’s posting boxes during the regular mail collection hours and have the mail sent to the recipients no later than 11a.m. the next working day.

A.M. Mail Prepaid Envelope Rate
A.M. Mail prepaid envelopes are now available at all Post Offices.

Prepaid envelope rate for:
– Letterbox Delivery: $2.60 (Inclusive of 7% GST)
– Doorstep Delivery: $3.90 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

* Mail will be delivered by 11 am the next business day if sending:

  • Within CBD – Mon to Thur by 7 pm, Fri by 8 pm
  • Outside CBD – Mon to Thur by 5 pm, Fri by 6 pm

    Postage Rate Calculator


    Speedpost EMS

    Estimated delivery within 1-4 working days to major cities of the world

    Additional Features:

    x Compensation of up to $150 per package

    x Insure your items for an additional $20 or 3% of the declared value, whichever is higher



    Expected Delivery Date Calculator


    Air Parcel

    Estimated delivery within 6 – 14 working days to major cities of the world

    Additional Information:

    x Simply drop off the parcel at any post office

    x Door-to-door collection also available upon request

    x Proof of delivery available upon request

    x Minimum compensation of $90 per parcel included

    x Insure your parcel for an additional $20 or 3% of the declared value, whichever is higher




    PLEASE NOTE: Working days include Mondays – Fridays, excluding Public Holidays


    Singpost has the following checklist (and tips) to ensure your  greeting card (&/or gifts) get to your intended recipient safe and on time –

    □ Ensure recipient’s address is written clearly, correctly, and completely (ensure also the correct 6-digit postal code for local addresses)

    □ Indicate a return address on the back of the envelope, preferably on the flap

    □ Affix your stamp(s) on the top right-hand corner of the envelope and ensure the correct postage

    □ Use good quality packing materials

    □ If applicable, cushion contents appropriately, for example with bubble wrap or foam to avoid damage during shipping


    We hope this helps and email us if your require any additional help! :>

    More information can be found at

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