TGIF! Says Odette

8 Jan


This week, we pry into the life of a young & creative crafter who supplies us with the super cute lunchnotes that we love! These pretty little notes will brighten anyone’s day. Enjoi!

A short introduction…

I am Odette, and I am originally from the Philippines. I moved here in  Dublin, Ireland in 2008 to join my Dutch husband, and we are very happy to call it here our “home” as well. Prior to my move, I have worked in a bank for a few years, and now I am a happy missus working from home. For a few hours each week, I also work as a volunteer for a charity which helps the elderly here in Dublin. The rest of my week is devoted to being a full-time wife and crafter.

And this is my studio!

One favourite item that you sell!

My favorite in my shop would be my P.S. I love you lunch cards. It started as a special note that I give to my husband everyday, tucked on his lunchbox. I know how much he liked receiving those notes, and thus the start of my selling them on my shop as well. I am also especially thrilled that the most I have ever sold of these cards were sent along with care packages for American soldiers and their families. I’ve received lots of good reviews in the mail from my friends and customers who bought them for their husbands/partners, and it feels so good knowing they’re making other people happy!

Tell us about your day! Generally…

My day starts very early. I am up by half-six to make my husband’s breakfast and lunchbox. He leaves at half-seven, and then I make a cup of tea for myself and sit in front of the computer. Around this time I do my shop administration, checking mails, updating my blog and catching up on my blog reads. When I’m feeling inspired I make new designs for new products, and doodle for some future projects. When I am procrastinating on doing an important project, i would waste half of my day on the internet. Then I’d panic and cram the rest of my schedule in the afternoon – sewing or for packing and posting shop orders. My day ends when my husband arrives from work and i have to resume my wifely duties. The next day, the cycle starts all over again. 🙂

When & how did you first start?

I’ve always been crafting since i was very young. I’ve made my own cards since grade school, sold handmade brooches in highschool and did sew dresses for my dolls as well. As much as i like creating, i also love the enterprise side of it. Every sale is as thrilling as finishing a handmade project, knowing that there’s actually someone who likes what i have made! So as I was preparing for my move to Ireland, I quit my day job and started selling my handmade cards through my blog to while the time away. It wasn’t until I was already living here in Dublin for almost a year when I summoned enough courage to open my online store.

What keeps you going?

I love what I do and that keeps me going. It’s a very basic need for me to let my hands work what my heart tells them. And of course, good reviews from my buyers. It reaffirms that i must be doing something good.

What inspires you?

I love pastel colors, birds, textures, brown paper and strings, beautiful sunsets, linen and yarns and old photographs. I am always inspired by the materials that I use. I am also inspired by the talent of so many artists around, who unselfishly share their love for their craft.

If you could have one wish, it would be …

world peace. 🙂
I know, I know. Everybody’s saying that already, but who doesn’t want a safe place for their children to live in?

What, do you think, sets you apart from the rest?

I think handmades are set apart from the rest. A handmade crafter puts his heart even in the smallest detail of every item he makes. Every crafter is unique and special in his own way. Every handmade is lovingly crafted by hands and special thoughts are always sent along with every item sold. I am just one of the many crafters around the world, and i am deeply pleased to be counted so.

Picture 1

Of all of Odette’s lovely lunchnotes (as we like to call ’em), I love this quote best! Sometimes, I think, people need to be reminded of what they’re capable of  :>

Picture 2

The above are the newer designs of her lunchnotes.

To view the entire ‘collection’, click here!

That’s it for this week and TGIF!

(Yes, we haven’t gotten back into the whole going-back-to-school thing either! Le sigh.


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