Here’s to the New Year

2 Jan

First, deepest apologies for the hiatus! I fell ill on Christmas Eve, spent half of Christmas in bed, and the other half unfortunately killing trees with the insane amount of tissues I had to use. Nevertheless, I hope everyone’s had a better Christmas than I did!

It’s crazy how fast ’09 flew by. Infinite’s gone through quite a bit. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve had so much fun. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year (on our pockets, specifically) :>

Infinite was born, over a nice long talk at East Coast Beach in Jan. We were crazy excited about it at that point, and couldn’t wait to start. Little did we know it wouldn’t be half as easy as we thought it would be!

From then to March, I did up a business proposal to convince my Mom to pump in some cash (which she did and which I will be eternally grateful for hahaha), as we sourced for snazzy, creative people to join our ‘family’. I honestly, truly loved this part and the more amazing, like-minded people I found, the happier we got.

In April, we launched our very first items in Livejournal, just in time for Easter (we brought in only 5 cards (thank goodness) – sold 2 to a friend). Since then, we’ve got around 200 people in our mailing list.

Things started to die down and we were getting increasingly more frustrated and stressed out. In August some people approached us to place our items in their shop, and without thinking twice about it (which I should have), I hopped on the bandwagon without my partner’s and/or Mom’s support. They were right, it did very badly, as I should have expected.

Thankfully though, we found a more appropriate place, which, this time, everyone was pretty much confident about, and we set up shop at Haji Lane in late August. Read about it here.

We also started this blog in late August.

Featured in the Business Times in Septemberhere, which we were extremely stoked about, and started sourcing for beautiful Christmas themed items in October, which has kept us very very busy till December!

In November, we were busy designing the free Christmas Packs for all our supportive customers (and non-customers), and we sent all the packs out early December!

It was pretty insane!

When we came back from Bali, we received something very special and something that warmed our hearts in the mail

A handmade card thanking us for the Christmas Packs we sent out!! Crazy sweet. It made ALL the stress worth it! Thanks so much Charmaine  :>

As Christmas drew closer, we decided that Infinite should take a backseat since we’ve been working so hard on it, and concentrate more on family and friends, as Christmas should be celebrated. We hustled and bustled and got all the food ordered and prepared for our clique, and had a pretty good time munching on ham & turkey whilst watching the OC.

And got ready cards for our best friends  :>  (which, I am ashamed to say, we haven’t given out yet!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Too busy on the 23rd (when we had the party with our clique) + 26th (when I was too sick)  :<  BUT, will do it asap! Argh)

This very special card that was specially made for us by our dear friend Molly Lee (we also did an interview with her – read it here!). It’s no secret how much we love her and her items and this card is no different! We got SUCH a rush seeing that they arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much Molly!!

Another ‘3 reasons’ card by Molly

Just one of the many I wrote. Will update again with more photos!!!

And with that, ends Infinite’s very first year and Christmas. Now it’s time to start prepping for Valentine’s Day and we can’t wait for that.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who’s been crazy supportive and we’d like you guys to know that we really appreciate the kind comments and encouragement!

Happy (belated) Christmas & New Year ! We hope 2010 proves to be a better year for all  :>

Much love, Infinite


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