TGIF! Says Hayley

11 Dec


Greetings from Bali! Jing and I are now sweating it (and they say it’s the raining season now in Bali!) in a small little Cafe making use of their free wifi and trying to get this up!

This week we’ll be featuring a super sweet lady, who uses eco-friendly products in the items that she sells! The paper she uses for her cards are recycled paper + elephant poo! How cute is that now…..


A short introduction…

My name is Hayley, I’m 22 and live in Kettering in England. When I’m not creating greeting cards, I like to play with my three crazy cats, watch movies with my family and boyfriend, dinner with friends, browse blogs and online shops. When I’m not making greeting cards, I’m thinking about making greeting cards!  When I’m not thinking about making greeting cards, I’m talking about greeting cards!

(ILI’s note: I can totally relate to this………….)

One favourite item that you sell!

I love the Love Birds design. It’s one of my favourite designs because it’s so simple and understated. I’ve had purchases for Love Bird Wedding Invitations in the past, so it’s a design that means a lot to me as customers have purchased it for their wedding.

I also love the Birthday Elephant cards. Elephants are one of my favourite animals and because the cardstock I use is ‘Ellie Poo’ (cardstock made from recycled card and elephant dung) the design fits perfectly! Elephants are so sweet!

Tell us about your day! Generally…

Most mornings I get woken up by my cats… they like to chase each other over my bed! Once I’m up, I check my emails, blogs and twitter to see what exciting things have happened while I’ve been asleep! I’ll then pack any cards that have sold overnight, make cards up that I have a low stock of, and then make any new designs I have thought up.  Throughout the day I take breaks for tea-drinking, snack-eating, cat-stroking and when the postman visits with goodies (hopefully!). In the afternoon, I’ll pack up any cards that have sold during the day, and pop over to the post box with parcels and packages! If I have time, which is not often, I’ll try for a bit of exercise too. In the evening I usually spend time working on the computer. I end the day with a hot-chocolate and bed… Ready to start again tomorrow!

How and when did you first start?

I started making cards when I was in school. I had an obsession with the greeting card industry and would spend my weekends going to trade fairs, product launches and events. I had a great time and was inspired to create my own cards after meeting such amazing companies. When it came time for exams, I had to concentrate on my studies and it wasn’t until this year when I decided I wanted to begin again creating a range of cards.

What keeps you going?

I love making cards and coming up with new ideas. If I’m not making cards, I’m planning what to make next. I get such a thrill from hearing comments from customers about my cards. Since starting my card range, I’ve had lots of fun creating and have had such lovely comments from customers and new crafty friends.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

So many exciting things have happened it’s hard to choose! I have attended my first fair as an exhibitor which was great. It was the Made By Artisans fair in the UK (, full of lovely talented people and it was really fun to spend the day surrounded by wonderful products. It was the first time I’d presented my products in an offline-environment, so meeting customers face to face was exciting! Since starting my little business, I’ve made a great friend, Louise of Wall Envy Art (, who is a Kettering-based artist also. She makes beautiful wall art from reclaimed books and wooden frames. It’s really exciting to have another artist to bounce ideas off and discuss all things arty and handmade! We’re planning to start some joint projects soon, so more exciting things!

5 things you could never do without:

1. My family, my boyfriend and my cats, without a doubt!

2. I also couldn’t live without my phone… my boyfriend bought it for me to help me manage my shop while I’m away from my workspace. I love to be able to get my emails and check on my shops while I’m out.

3.  Cups of tea! I’m stereotypically English when it comes to my tea and I have to drink it all day. Luckily my Mum is the same, so we drink tea all day together!

4. My music player… I love to listen to my music while making cards, I think I work better that way.

5. My Terminator/Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Figure. My boyfriend bought it for me as a joke birthday present, but I put him on my desk where I work and I seem to have had the best of luck since, so I think he’s my good luck charm.

Picture 1

Definitely the love birds as well!


This! The details are amazing and, needless to say – I love Christmas!

The paper, as Hayley has mentioned, is recycled from paper & elephant poo but its texture is AMAZING.

Picture 2

All of Hayley’s cards are now available at Haji Lane!

Thanks it for this week!

It’s amazing here in Bali, we’d be enjoying ourselves, we hope you do too!



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  1. Claire Hurd Design December 11, 2009 at 1:20 PM #

    Great feature! I follow Ruby Wren on Facebook and think her cards are wonderful.

    Claire Hurd Design

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