TGIF! Says Milly

4 Dec


I’ve always known I’ve loved paper goods – their texture, their message – everything basically. But I never knew a thing about methods of printing till we started this venture. One of these methods, would be gocco-printing. It’s CRAZY amazing!

I would loveee a gocco machine by the way, in case any one feels extra giving this Christmas !!!!   😉

Gocco-printing, coupled with moleskin books and vintage/retro illustrations and silhouettes, makes for a few of my very favourite items we carry in the store  🙂  Enjoi!

A short introduction…

My name is Milly and I’m from the US, Bronx, New York, to be exact. I work professionally as a camera assistant on film and television

One favourite item that you sell!

My favorite item would be the golden girl pocket moleskines with the red cover.

When and how did you first start?

The idea of starting my own business was something I found myself coming back to time and again, but there was the issue of what exactly my business would be. I have always been involved in one form or another of art and craft, and have had quite a healthy obsession with paper goods for as long as I can remember. I discovered Etsy about two years ago, and then very quickly discovered the Gocco. Those were the last two pieces of the puzzle: I found a way to create things I enjoy and share them with others and at a low (financial) risk.

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from so many different places, so just to put it simply: by observing the world around me.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

So many exciting things have happened since I started my shop. It’s hard to say which is most exciting! My first sale was pretty exciting. Actually, every sale I make is a pretty exciting thing for me 🙂

5 things you could never live without:




My dog


If you could have one wish, what would it be?

To some day make a sustainable living doing what I love, creating or designing things or making art, or whatever it is that makes me happy – to be able to do that and successfully earn a living – that would be my wish.

Picture 1

I love moleskins. I love the texture of the paper, I love knowing there’s one in my bag. And this one, with it’s intricate lace pattern gocco-printed onto a ruby red moleskin – it honestly doesn’t get any better than this

(Also available in black)

These moleskins measure larger than the usual ones, at 5″ by 8.25″. There are 80 ruled or blank pages (you can choose!), with the last 16 sheets detachable. Also features an inner pocket for your little scraps of paper

Retail: $27.00

And! In light of Christmas, I’ve chosen a Christmas Card / Gift Tag set as well! Truth be told, I prefer Santa’s reindeers to Santa himself! And these deer illustrations are just too cute. But what I love most is the textured (and handmade, if I may add!) envelopes the card comes in. It is AMAZING.

The folded cards are blank inside and are printed on a classic linen-finish 80lb. coverstock. The matching tags come with bakers’ twine.

Card + Envelope: $6.90

Tag: $1.50

Card (+ Envelope) + Tag Set: $7.50

Picture 2

Golden Girl Screenprinted Moleskin in Black: $14.00

Golden Girl Screenprinted Moleskin in Navy Blue: $14.00

Bonjour & Hello Postcards: $2.90

Thank You Notecard: $3.90

Stitched Girl Thank You on Kraft: $5.90

Lab Partners Retro Card: $6.90

Retro Mama Card: $6.90

Library Card: $4.90

Ice Cream Gocco: $4.90

Nun Birthday: $4.90

Golden Girl Card: $4.90

Thank You Screenprinted Cards (pink, lime, orange): $4.90


It’s gonna be a busy Friday for us! We’ll be putting the packs together today and will be sending them on their way  🙂  We hope you like ’em!


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