TGIF! Says Randi

6 Nov


Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve come to appreciate the different types of paper that our vendors use. After a while, coming across textured cardstock and vellum paper gives me this rush I cannot describe. And this week’s seller uses, more often than not, super colourful, shiny and/or textured cardstock (very often, even textured envelopes!) and my favourite, vellum cardstock! Not to mention, her designs are amazing and I love the unique quality of her cards (you’ll see what I mean later)

A short introduction…


Hello! I’m Randi from Ohio. I’m a mama, wife, and work full-time for my dad in financial planning

One favourite item that you sell!


My favourite item would have to be my ‘simple love’ cards

(ILI’s note: Top – vellum / Bottom – textured luxe cardstock. Comes with a metallic red envelope)

What keeps you going?

The love of paper and busy work

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since you’ve started?

Each sale is so much more exciting than my husband’s face would like to admit  😉  I love seeing which part of the world each client is from

5 things you could never do without

1. Tasty buds

2. Friends that support my eating habit

3. Terrible clichés

4. The truth

5. Color

If you could have one wish, it would be ___

To receive home delivery of endless amounts of hot meals…

What, do you think, sets you apart from the rest?

I pay attention to details till they beg me to leave them alone!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Keeping with the Christmas theme, we chose a Christmas card! Haha. Can’t decide between the two. Vellum or textured cardstock?? Either way, it comes with a wonderfully textured lime green envelope. Both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical.

Picture 2


1. You make my day / a little brighter card          2. Christmas tags (comes in vellum envelope (as shown))

3. Hi          4. Hello There

5. Hi Envelope          6. Many Thanks

7. Tiny Card, Huge Thanks (sold individually)          8. Tiny Card, Huge Congrats (sold individually)

9. 2010 Calendar

10/11. Very Merry Christmas in Green & Red


That’s it for this week and TGIF!



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