TGIF! Says Jen

16 Oct


This week, we’ll be featuring the brainchild of the awesome pieces of acrylic jewellery I’ve been raving about since forever! They’ve been on sale @ Haji since about 2 months ago and I’ve gotten TONS of compliments. Enjoi!

A short introduction…

Hello! My name is Jen Murse and I’m from San Francisco, CA. I currently live in Los Angeles where I have lived for over 10 years (yikes!!) now. When I’m not working on my jewelry which for now is just a side job, I’m sitting behind a computer designing websites and other interactive graphics for my actual day job.

One favourite item that you sell!

17aMy favorite item is probably the cassette tape necklace because I’m obsessed with music and vintage things.


However I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised to see that my #1 selling item is the apple-z necklace which when I first made I thought it was clever but had fears I wouldn’t sell a single one. And now it’s my best seller!

When & how did you first start?

This all started with me finding a few pieces of acrylic jewelry and always wishing I could do it myself. Then I found a laser cutter and it changed my world. I started by just making things for myself. I made extra and decided to throw them up online and see what happened. And the rest, as they say, is history…

What keeps you going?

When I hear people getting excited about my jewelry it makes me really happy and keeps me going. Having a side job is tough. It’s a lot of long hours. But then I hear people taking interest in what I’m doing it makes me happy. I don’t get that kind of instant feedback and gratification from my day job. There I work in teams and the process takes a long time. Making my own jewelry allows me to be in 100% control of the type of work I put out into the world and therefore when people take interest it reflects entirely on what I’ve done and that’s keeps me going.

What’s the worst thing that has happened since you’ve started?

Lack of sleep! Having a side business that has taken off the way mine has means I have a lot of work when I get home from work. As a result I’m more tired than usual.

5 things you could never do without

  1. My great group of friends and wonderful boyfriend
  2. Music
  3. Travelling
  4. Laughing
  5. Internet

If you could have one wish, it would be…

to win enough money so that I can make jewelry as a hobby and go travel the world day in and day out.

Picture 1

25bIt was an insanely tough choice!!! It was a toss up between this, the Helvetica earrings & the Avant Garde necklace!!!

Picture 2


We’ve a TON of items and we brought in new stuff this time ’round!

1. Landmark Ring (Black & White)     2. RGB Necklace     3. Helvetica Necklace (Red & Black)

4. KERN Ring (Black)    5. Retro TV Necklace     6. Avant Garde Necklace (Black, White & Red)

7. Turntable Necklace     8. Golden Spiral Necklace     9. Crop Circle Necklace

10. Goldfish Earrings     11. Tweet Necklace (Black, White, Red, Pink)     12. Cassette Ring (Black, White, Red)

+ items previously mentioned in this interview!

All are available for purchase online & in store

That’s it for this week & TGIF!!


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