Chubby Bunny!

14 Oct

I’ve got a new present!


Sucker for pretty packaging 🙂


Vintage raw brass bunny charm on 16″ gold tone chain necklace! I chose 2 bunnies instead of her usual 1 bunny or her popular 3 bunnies cause I’ve got 2 bunnies!

Yes, the loves of my life!

Introducing, super bunniez:





And Floopy



It was insanely difficult trying to find a nice, NOT blurry picture of Floopy cause he’s ALWAYS on the move. Running everywhere. He’s the crazykid. The one who jumps over the barrier and onto MY bed. And BB’s the mild, quiet one. They’re awfully cute & loving.

They’re usually the ones who keep me company through the night when I’m working. And this is a usual lazy afternoon for us:


So now I can bring them with me wherever I go  🙂


One Response to “Chubby Bunny!”

  1. Christy October 15, 2009 at 12:04 AM #

    I’m so happy that you love the necklace. Your bunnies are adorable!

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