15 Sep

When I first started this I was eager. As eager as a 5 year old on Christmas Day. I still am eager. Little things still make me happy. Like when we have fleas and people come up to me just to tell me how awesome the stuff are, even if they walk away empty handed. That’s okay. I get happy when I receive positive feedback, even when it’s not directed to our feedback page on LJ but a reply on gmail. That’s okay too. And recently, a girl who reserved a card from Haji Lane later sent me a message to thank me and tell me she’s giving the card to her long-lost friend. This, literally, left me smiling the whole day. Another part that I love would be interacting with the people I get my wares from. I love their lives. I share their excitement. Most are thrilled to have their cards and stuff sold across the globe all the way in Singapore! I maintain great friendships with some sellers even. They’re truly awesome. Their patience and creativity and determination is what pushes me on sometimes as well.

But the bad times hit me hard. When something gets lost in the mail. When people walk past our booth during fleas and snarl, ‘all from etsy lor’. I must say this – we have never, NEVER, passed these items off as our own. Ever. Everything is clearly stated to be imported. From the US, Europe, what-have-you. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth, when people misjudge me and what I’m doing. Now, I write ‘me’ and ‘I’ because I don’t think my partner cares either way. She, like all my other friends, think that I should ignore these ignorant people and strive on. Look forward. But it does bite, yknow?

And another thing that’s been a recurring theme in my life nowadays – being very broke. Very, very broke. I’m 20, I’m schooling, I tutor on the sidelines. Whatever allowance and pay I get I pump into ILI & SL. I haven’t shopped in ages, which is amazing because I LOVE shopping. This makes me sad. My Mom has once told me, ‘why try so hard?’ – sometimes I come back with a quick retort. Some days, I wonder why myself.

So no. I don’t earn a lot of money at all. And that’s the understatement for the year  🙂  I know – blogshop owners are supposed to rake in thousands a month right? But no. I don’t. If anything? It’s the opposite. So do understand when and why I can’t give you discounts. Even for big orders. Do understand why some items are priced the way they are. With shipping and everything else, this is what it is. These are handmade. They take time. Money. Creativity. These don’t come cheap. So no. This has not been profitable so far.

Maybe this is all a little too intrusive. And maybe I should keep these thoughts to myself. But today, today could very well be the day that I had my worst encounter.

Backstory – just yesterday, a regular customer of mine approached me and asked if she could open a spree for the acrylic jewellery that I’ve just started selling. Knowing that she’s had a lot of experience in sprees, and that it might make for more sales, I agreed. She showed me the page today, and I was so happy! Everything was pretty and neat. Something I could never make it to be. Hahaha.

I checked the page half an hour ago, and was appalled by the comment left by a stranger. Funny how strangers CAN hurt you.

all these things are from the markets in bangkok for like 5 bucks! haha.

First, I can assure everyone who’s reading this that you can and will NEVER find these at the ‘markets in bangkok’. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know what stuff are like there. Unless you replicate these, which will obviously land you with a big law suit in your hands if you get found out since the designs are copyrighted. Granted, not very likely, but still. You’d never know. Life works in mysterious ways……

2nd, these are 100% handmade. NOT mass-produced. H.A.N.D.M.A.D.E.

I must say that what s/he said was truly, truly insulting to me and the graphic designer who made these. Especially so to her. Insulting all her hard work and her time. And insulting my credibility.

The items from this collection are all imported from L.A. She has sold hundreds of them. Even to shops all over America. And now, they’ve reached our shores as well. If you can’t and don’t appreciate them, that’s fine. Just don’t discredit them. Don’t demean them. Because it’s extremely uncalled for.

I hope days like these aren’t many.

I would hate to think that this, a venture that has literally changed me, turns out to be a mistake.


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  1. e. September 22, 2009 at 3:32 PM #

    hello nicolette,

    well, i’m not actually of the habit of commenting on other’s blogs but your entry did strike me and having met you before (oh i’m sorry, forgot to introduce myself – i’m elizabeth, lucas’ girlfriend – from theblogshop?), i couldn’t help wanting to offer my little two cents worth.

    as an artist myself (fine arts, graphic/web design), i can totally understand your frustration and anger at ignorant people who spew nasty shit, especially when they have no clue what they are talking about. i frequent etsy too, and handmade stuff costs a bomb, even more so when you try to buy stuff there as an individual and have them ship it over here. the time and effort, not to mention the inspiration, needed for the handmade cannot be understood by folks who neither stop to use their brains nor take the time to appreciate.

    so i just want to tell you that there are people out there (like me!) who are very very grateful that you bring in these imported items for buyers like us, who are into other interests rather than the usual clothes-and-accessories-type-of-blogshop-products.

    your stuff is absolutely lovely and making these available to your buyers without the hassle of international shipping and all that inconvenience is really awesome. so don’t feel discouraged okay? you and what you do are very very much appreciated (:

    p.s. i’ve been buying your cards/badges quite addictively! and just ordered a bunch of stuff over at your livejournal, heh.

    • Infinite September 22, 2009 at 6:22 PM #

      Hey oh my goodness I just sent you an email about your order! Hahaha!

      Yes I remember you! Lucas mentioned that the pair of Helvetica earrings were very nice and you asked him if you wanted them. Haha!

      Ah this is so sweet and I really appreciate it! Yes – it’s nice to know that someone understands! People often think I’m out to cheat their money cause prices are steep sometimes and on many days, I wish I could show them my bank account balance and watch them gasp.

      Thanks very much for your support, even more so emotionally and this comment really means a lot to me! Really, really appreciate it. You have NO idea man!

      Also – I’ve some mooncakes for you guys! Haha have been too busy to head down but I will soon! Hope you all like mooncakes……… Hahaha

      Thanks again and see you soon!

      • e. September 23, 2009 at 11:04 PM #

        yeah, i ended up getting the helvetica necklace (:

        and no problemo, my pleasure! as long as you’re doing something you love, be happy and don’t worry about negative comments (:

        and yep am sure the guys will appreciate the mooncakes very very much!

  2. Tricia Richner October 9, 2009 at 1:11 PM #

    Aw. . .I just read this post and wanted to say that there are always going to be haters and people that are nasty. We have just gotta try to ignore it and let it roll off. You believe in yourself and the people who appreciate you and value what you do and ignore anyone that tries to take any thing away from that. He/she is the jerk!

    • Infinite October 11, 2009 at 10:20 AM #

      Thank you very much!! 🙂

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