14 Sep



We’ve open the spree again! Click on picture to enter.

We kinda made a transition from LJ to WordPress, cause I kinda like WordPress templates better! I’m a total spaz when it comes to HTML and shitz, and WordPress makes it really easy to insert the navigational bar at the top kinda thing! Hhaha. However, I find LJ neater when it comes to the posts themselves. Any suggestions / feedback?

My favourites from the collection:

Honestly I LOVE these so much I regret not bringing any in the first time ’round for myself! This time I’m definitely getting these. Hahaha. What are YOUR favourites?

Let me know 🙂

I also managed to lower the prices for these gems. Even though we do get slightly lower prices, shipping and insurance really costs a bomb. I hate it! Ever since we started this venture, I’m pretty sure at least 30% of the costs is attributed to by shipping and insurance. But things can get messy if we don’t add insurance – better be safe than sorry right? Or in this case, broke  😐

These are also selling really well @ Haji. So we thought to open a spree for these again!

A couple of new items are also reaching our shores soon (I hope). Will be selling some on SoLavishly.wordpress, but most would be for sale @ Haji.

We also got some display items and such from UO (AHH, UO, how you’ve drained my bank account so….) and they’re amazinggggg. Hopefully it spices our shelf up a little 🙂

Okay, enough rambling. Good night one & all and I hope the spree goes well! Heh heh.


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