10 Sep

Today, we moved our items out Blogshoppin’ @ Far East Plaza and truth be told – it was a bittersweet process. But knowing that the clientele @ Haji fits Infinite’s to a tee makes it very much easier / better.

The only complaint is the PARKING! Parking is absolutely atrocious. We part @ Golden Landmark Hotel every time. But to get there takes forever sometimes – especially on weekends! There ought to be a better way… Suggestions, anyone?

Our calling cards disappeared within a week of putting them out so we’ve got to get some new ones printed pronto! Am heading to a printing place a good friend recommended since the previous print wasn’t great at all. Infact I was rather displeased with the quality!!!

That aside, we’re very excited for the new things that are in store for the shop – think letterpressed prints (very, very awesome. I’ve even ordered extra for myself!!) and even more acrylic jewellery!

We’ve also started preparing for Christmas and would very much like to carry cards made by locals! If anyone’s interested, or knows of anyone who might be, do contact us @!

Also, if there’s anything you’d like to see in the shop, anything at all (besides clothes), leave a comment, email, tweet – anything! We LOVE to hear feedback & suggestions!


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